Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Either a person is evil or he is 'mentally ill.' He can’t be both. Either his actions are evil, or they are symptoms of an illness. They can’t be both." Deliberately mischaracterizing the evil as mentally ill.

(A)llusions to “gun violence” and “mental health” are especially pernicious inasmuch as they obscure the evil nature of the deed being explained. To see just how egregious an offense this is, consider some analogies. Imagine if, while discussing the Holocaust, we spoke about “gas chamber violence,” or while discussing Islamic State mass beheadings, we talked instead of “machete violence.” Or suppose that discussions of the lynching of blacks were peppered with references to “rope violence.” None of this would sit well with decent human beings, for it is clear, or at least it is thought that it should be clear, that such descriptions miss entirely that which is fundamental to the phenomena being described—the perpetrators responsible for these wicked deeds.
Of course the reason the collectivists blame "gun violence" and seek to expand the definition of "mentally ill" as pertains to restricting the availability of firearms is the traditional method of such people to win the argument -- citizen disarmament -- by framing the question and corrupting the language. Buy into that, and they've won the argument already -- an old Communist trick. Remember, they think anybody who resists them is, ipso facto, mentally ill. Why do you think they call us "gun nuts"?
Besides, admitting that there is unrelenting evil in the world leads back to the Devil which leads back to God, and overarching moral authority other than their own cannot be conceded or tolerated. It was not accidentally that Obama criticized people who "cling to their Bibles and their guns." Collectivists view both as deadly dangers to their appetites.

"The ‘Snatch Method’ Was One Crazy Way to Make a Glider Fly"

I have a copy of the original U.S. Army Air Force training film on glider snatches. It is narrated by an obscure Hollywood actor then in uniform -- Ronald Reagan. I've also interviewed glider pilots who participated in "snatches," including one who flew out of Yugoslavia on a mission to bring two Soviet colonels to SHAEF headquarters in an operation that is still classified. Socked in by weather overnight, the glider pilot recalled with fondness the hospitality shown him by the Partisans. He wasn't much for specific details of that night, but he did comment, "Oh, those Partisan women!"

“Wars are still fought on little bits of bloody earth, and they are ended when the enemy’s will to resist is broken, and armed men stand victorious on his home soil.”

Another reminder that there is nothing really new under the sun.

A reminder that inattention to detail can get people killed.

Loose nut costs Air Force $62.4 million in accident

Kenny Lane presents a "Kerodin must read."

The details -- and the acrimony generated by Hyman/Kerodin attacking his former followers -- continue to spill out. "Sam and Holly have been some of the bigger supporters of Legal zoom over the years! They currently have no less than 15 businesses registered in Idaho. If you count the ones that have been forfeited or dissolved just in the past three years, it goes up to 26! The big business seems to be III Percent LLC. It has six additional 'Doing Business As' (DBA) listings registered, to include MacGregor and Grey, America 527, Samuel White, Spartan MMA Academy, Light Warrior Fitness, and Studio III."

Friday, August 28, 2015

All things old are new again. Now all they need is a reincarnated Leon Trotsky.

Trotsky on his train near the front-lines c.1919-1921
Russia To Revive Soviet-Era Armored Trains As $400B Military Modernization Continues

Bundeswehr replaces G36 with HK417

Some German soldiers will be carrying different weapons within a year as the Defence Ministry scrambles to replace standard rifle which loses accuracy under hot temperatures.

Praxis: Bringing back the bicycle infantry. Special Operators Interested in ‘Motoped’

U.S. commandos are interested in a new dual-mode bike that that can be propelled by a motor or human peddling, said a member of the defense industry. The Motoped Survival Bike was delivered to the special operations community for testing on Aug. 8, according to Jeffery Givens, president and CEO of Graystone Defense LLC. Givens is a consultant who works with the American Performance Technologies Group, which designed the vehicle. “It’s simply a ruggedized downhill racing mountain bike with a motor on it,” he said Aug. 26 at the National Defense Industrial Association's Joint Service Power Expo in Cincinnati, where the motoped was on display. The bike is designed for off-road travel and is equipped with six-inch shock absorbers similar to those on professional Motocross motorcycles, Givens said. The vehicle weighs 132 pounds and can carry a 300 pound load, including the weight of the driver. In testing it has reached speeds of more than 45 miles per hour, he said.

Rough day and night.

The guy to fix the A/C may be here today, but then again, maybe not. If not it will be on Monday. I have some more bloodwork scheduled for Monday to nail down when my blood transfusion for the anemia might happen. I'm sorry for the lateness of the posts today, but Rosey didn't have the money to pay the Internet bill until this morning, so we were temporarily cut off. Back on line now though. More later.

OMG! Bob Owens flirts with the idea of 4th Generation Warfare! OMG!

Vox “Smart Take” Pushes Gun Confiscation. Here’s What Would Happen If They Tried.
Well, at least he's writing about the POSSIBILITY of it.
If the government is actually dumb enough to try to start confiscation, they will trigger a new kind of war on the North American continent, a fourth generation war most Americans have only seen on television. Most of the nation’s 800,000 law enforcement officers and 2 million-man military will side with the people, and they will either simply refuse to enforce the buyback/confiscation scheme, or will actively switch sides to join the rebellion.
The tiny federal force tha(t) remains will get a taste of what fourth generation warfare looks like when it is applied domestically in an urban and suburban environment where bombers, tanks, and long-range missiles are practically inept and politically impossible.
Ambushes, infrastructure sabotage of government installations, and assassination would be the order of the day on a grand scale. Expect dozens of attacks a week by so-called “lone wolves” and small units.
Lawmakers would be in hiding or would flee the country. Federal agencies would shut down, as employees feared being targeted and refused t come to work. A President presiding over such fiasco might be temporarily safe inside the White House, but only until the 1,100 Green Berets who warned Obama in January of 2013 decided to act.

"Yes, Gay Black Men Can Be Killers, Too."

In the Left’s upside-down fantasy, proven solutions become part of the problem: Somehow, the world is safer with fewer Confederate flags flying, more criminals on the streets, and fewer opportunities to defend ourselves against them.

C'mon, gun grabbers, quit boring us and get started. What are you waiting for, collectivist pricks?

Gun control is a dead issue
An Open Rant Aimed at Those Who Would Repeal the Second Amendment

"America Is So in Play."

The people hate the elites, which is not new, and very American. The elites have no faith in the people, which, actually, is new. Everything is stasis. Then Donald Trump comes, like a rock thrown through a showroom window, and the molecules start to move.

There is one other reason he probably won't run: mutual assured destruction.

Democratic insiders: Joe Biden won't run
The Clinton's will not go gently. And as SOS, Hillary had access to all the email traffic on Fast and Furious, a scandal that did not originate with her, but in the East Wing of the White House. It's called mutual assured destruction.
See also: Clinton Camp Says One-Fifth of Delegates Secured for Nomination
And: Clinton aims to end Biden talk

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Attack Thwarted by Servicemen Highlights Futility and Evil of French ‘Gun Control’

In other words, “gun control” doesn’t stop the bad guys and only serves to give them a killer advantage over the “law-abiding”? Who knew?

Report from yesterday.

Unable to do the scan that required the contrast dye (my creatinine was too high and I have no particular desire to have to start going to dialysis) they decided to substitute an MRI. The only problem was that they couldn't find an open slot in the schedule for the MRI, so I will have to go back -- probably next week. Keep me in your prayers. Headed off to the wound doc now. More later.

"Resistance to Oregon’s Universal Background Check Law Grows Stronger."

But why would they feel the need to dump millions into ads for a bill they have already passed?

Apparently only black, gay lives matter. Funny, I didn't hear anything about the shooter being a gay Obama supporter in the American mainstream media today. Wonder why?

Revenge race murder: Bitter black reporter who gunned down white ex-colleagues live on air and posted the video online blames Charleston shootings and anti-gay harassment in manifesto.
'As for Dylann Roof? You [redacted]! You want a race war [redacted]? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …[redacted]!!!” At the same time, he professes a deep respect for other mass shooters like Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho. 'Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin’. He goes on to say that he has faced both racial and sexual discrimination as a black, gay man and that he was just waiting to explode. . .
Flanagan was also once reprimanded by WDBJ editors for wearing an Obama campaign sticker on his jacket while reporting from an election booth in 2012, saying it 'demonstrated a basic lack of understanding of your role as an on-air journalist' and was a clear breach of impartiality rules.
But, hey, he passed a background check so I guess the gun control crowd got what they wanted.
That fact doesn't keep them from demanding more gun control of the peaceable, starting even before the bodies were cool.
As John Hinderaker at PowerLine blog says: "The Facts Don’t Matter, the Answer Is Always Gun Control."
One thing we have learned is that some murders are important and others aren’t. White policeman kills black person: important! Black person kills white policeman: unimportant. White lunatic kills black people in South Carolina: important! Gay black lunatic kills white people in Virginia: something tells me this one is going in the “unimportant” column. It doesn’t advance the narrative. Except, of course, the gun control narrative.
I guess they didn't have a gun control sign up, or the schmuck wouldn't have been able to kill anybody: "Signs Save Lives."

A long, long way from a Jeep. So what are they going to call it, the "JILTVEE?" "Sun sets on era of the Humvee as US military announces successor."

Symbol of decades of US interventions to be replaced with vehicle more suited to urban warfare environment the US has faced in Iraq and Afghanistan.
That's from the Guardian, the lefty Brit newspaper. Here's a rather more informed article from the Wall Street Journal from yesterday:
Oshkosh Wins $6.75 Billion Job to Replace Aging Humvees.
By Doug Cameron
Oshkosh Corp. on Tuesday won a $6.75 billion contract to build almost 17,000 new light trucks to replace aging Humvees for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, cementing the future of its defense business.
The Wisconsin-based company was chosen over competitors Lockheed Martin Corp. and AM General LLC to build as many as 55,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, or JLTVs, over the next 25 years to replace part of the Humvee fleet and some larger military trucks.
The JLTV is one of the Army's highest priorities and follows a series of budget cuts and shifting requirements that prompted the Pentagon to cancel helicopter, artillery and communications programs, after investing billions of dollars.
Oshkosh has a long history of producing military vehicles and offered a brand-new design to meet the Army's requirements for a four-wheeled truck to carry two to four personnel that is resistant to mines and roadside bombs but light enough to be carried by air. . .
The new trucks will replace many of the 120,000 Humvee trucks built by AM General that have been worn out by use in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The JLTV program was launched in 2007 and the Army, bruised by a series of cost over-runs and cancelled programs, stuck to its $250,000 price cap for each JLTV. Army officials said all three bids came in below the cap, with the average price of vehicles equipped with communications and other equipment expected to come in under $399,000, taking the total program cost to $30 Billion.
The Army plans to acquire 49,909 of the vehicles alongside 5,500 for the Marines, and has the option to choose another contractor for future production runs. . .
Later -- Here's another link to a WaPo story on the same subject: "Oshkosh Defense wins major Pentagon contract to build Humvee replacement."

Harvey Weinstein Breaks ‘No Violence’ Pledge as Anti-Gun Meryl Streep Project Languishes

“I have to just choose movies that aren’t violent or as violent as they used to be,” Weinstein told Piers Morgan. “And I know for me, personally, I can’t continue to do that. The change starts here. It has already.” That was in response to observations that making millions glorifying simulated “gun violence” for entertainment purposes is hypocritical for someone pledging to make an “anti-NRA movie with Meryl Streep.” Not like the political sentiments of a Hollywood elitist who hosted a $35,000 a plate fundraiser for Obama should be a surprise. ““They are going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them,” Weinstein told Howard Stern about the project. “I don’t think we need guns in this country, and I hate it.”